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Our focus

In general

Bihrer Attorneys at Law advise and represent clients from various business areas. As a result of our long lasting cooperation with our clients and business partners, we do not only know the needs and requirements of our clients, but also understand their business. This gives us the ability to advise our clients efficiently, competently and in a timely manner.

Our clients are mainly active in the following four commercial sectors: Finance, Industry and Trade, Construction and Real Estate, Commodities and Infrastructure.


We advise and represent various financial service providers, such as banks, asset managers, fund companies and investors and customers in connections with their finance affairs. This includes the preparation and execution of various financial transactions and businesses, financings, building-up and structuring of financial entities, regulation and supervisory aspects of the financial market, licenses to participate in the financial market as well as stock exchange, capital market and funds related aspects, which we provide to financial service providers, investors and private clients and their finance business.

Industry and Trading

Diverse companies and entrepreneurs from the industry and trading sector are among our clients, which we advise in corporate and contractual aspects related to their business and trading activities and represent in front of the court or in an arbitration procedure in case of legal dispute arising thereof. Ancillary, we assist them in corporate transactions, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures and other participations forms to support their expansion path, but also to arrange a necessary reorganisation of their business or enterprise. Start-up companies, but also established companies receive our advice in connection with their corporate structure or other corporate questions as well as investors, entrepreneurs or private clients, who hold a participation in companies from industry or trading or intend to invest in such.

Construction and Real Estate

Our specialists assist building owners, builders, building and contracting companies, real estate companies, architects, real estate investors and real estate funds in all aspects of the construction and real estate law. Beside giving advices related to construction and building projects, our clients receive advices for investments and financing of real estate projects and in connection with the preparation and execution of real estate transactions and we represent them in procedures in front of a court or a governmental authority. We further support our clients in contractual questions related to real estate matters, the structuring of construction and real estate projects, including the necessary legal paperwork and documentation.

Commodities and Infrastructure

Trading and transport of commodities and infrastructure projects are both a complex business, which require cross-border advice on different levels. We advice companies trading or transport commodities or being involved in infrastructure projects as well as investors, funds, finance advisers and their clients and private persons, who are connected to commodities and their trading or to infrastructure projects. For commodities companies we provide our services mainly related to corporate and contractual matters to enable them to execute and perform their business with their customers and business partners. Investors, funds, finance advisers and their clients as well as private persons having an interest in the investment, trading or transport in commodities can use our expertise and experiences in this area to successfully succeed their business. In connection with infrastructure projects we support our clients in all aspects of corporate, contractual and commercial law aspects to support their interests therein.